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Company information:

Wave Group
VAL skupina, d.o.o.
Šmartinska 152
1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, EU

The company is registered in the court register of the district court of Ljubljana as of  20. 1. 2012, SRG of the entry 2012/3229.

VAT: SI22490388
OIB: 68872654391

1. Complaints and disputes

The company VAL Skupina d.o.o respects the current consumer protection legislation. The company VAL skupina d.o.o always wants to fulfil its duty to establish an effective complaint handling system and have a person who a buyer can contact via email or by phone in the event of any problems. Any complaints can be sent via email or by phone. Any complaints can be sent in writing to the address: info@optishield.eu. The company will confirm that it has received the complaint in no more than three working days and let the buyer know how long it will take to handle it. The buyer will be updated about the status of the complaint all throughout the procedure.
The company VAL skupina d. o. o. is always doing it's best to resolve any disputes with a mutual agreement.

Out-of-court settling of consumer disputes
In accordance with legal norms, we do not recognize a contractor for out-of-court consumer dispute settling to resolve consumer disputes triggered by the latter. The company VAL skupina d.o.o, who is the provider of goods and services enables online shopping in the European Union where it lists an electronic link leading to a platform for online consumer dispute resolving (SRPS). The consumer platform is available on the following link HERE.

The regulation is based on the European regulation (EU) no.524/2013 of the European parlament and the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and on the regulation (ES) no. 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22/ES.

2. Cookies and advertising

Cookies are small text files that store on your computer once you visit our website and don't harm your hardware and/or software in any way. Their storing is controlled by the browser you use – the user can enable and disable using cookies at any time.

Cookies are not harmful and are always time-limited.

The use of cookies in the European Union (EU) is regulated by the directive of privacy and electronic communications 2002/58/ES, the article that talks about using cookies and other similar technologies was amended with the directive 136/2009.

The website www.optishield.eu uses cookies to run the website but doesn't store any personal data. They track the visitor activity to ensure a better user experience. By using the website the visitor accept the use of cookies.

Why are the cookies needed?

They are fundamental to ensure a user-friendly online experience. By using cookies, the interaction between an online user and the website is much easier and faster. With their help, the website stores individual's preferences and experience and thus help save time, while browsing on the website becomes more efficient and user-friendly.

Every time a new user visits the website, the online shop grants him an identification cookie to monitor the shopping cart and ensure traceability - the data is stored in the server's memory only during the visit and is deleted after one hour of inactivity. The company can store some permanent cookie on the user's computer, like the identification number that is written in a code. That allows the company to recognise the user upon the next visit and to store the user's reviews, so he knows what items he already reviewed. The same applies to external cookies of Google Analytics which helps the website to analyse the online visits. The company is allowed to use such data anonymously to generate the statistical analysis. To ensure online safety, the company also collects IP addresses from which the users access the online store.

Enabling cookies

You decide if you want to store cookies on your device. The settings can be edited in your online browser settings.For more information about cookie settings for your browser, take a look at the following links:
- Chrome- Firefox
- Opera
- Internet Explorer 9
- Internet Explorer 7 in 8
- Safari

If  you edit or delete your browser's cookie file, change or update your online browser or your device, you may need to enable cookies again the next time you visit the website. The steps for deleting and editing cookies differ between browsers. If you need any help with the process check the user help section of the browser you use. Google Analytics tracking can also be disabled on the following link.

3. Protection of personal data

The company undertakes the responsibility of personal data protection and privacy protection of their online shop users. Any collected personal data is purely used to carry out the company's services. The company respects the confidentiality of personal data and the privacy of their online shop users so it does it utmost to protect them from any violations or abuses. The protection of user personal data is the area the company pays special attention to as they are aware of the sensitive nature of such data.

In certain cases, it is essential to provide some personal information to other companies so the processor as a provider is able to fulfil his contractual obligations to the user. Any collected personal data is permanently stored with the provider and protected according to the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.

Using personal information

To carry out the offered services, the company collects, manages, processes and stores the following user data:

- name and surname
- shipping addresses
- company or legal entity name (if the user is a legal entity)
-        tax number (if the user is a legal entity)
- email address (username)
- coded password
- contact phone number
- country of residence
- and other data that is entered into the online forms by the user
- other data that is added in the profile section by a user

The company is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and promptness of the data entered by the users.

The provider doesn't send the data to third parties with the exception of contractors with whom the provider has a contract on data protection and who are contractually bound to protect the personal data with the same standards as the provider.

The provider collects the personal data with the consent of individuals. The consents are stored together with the content of the form with which they were obtained...

The personal data is kept in the Republic of Slovenia is is never transferred to another country.

Implementing Privacy Policy

The protection of personal data of the company is regulated by the Regulations of personal data protection.

All of the individuals, who are regular or part-time employees and are able to access personal and other user data, are aware of the provisions of the said regulations and are obliged to comply with these provisions on the protection of the confidential and personal data of the online store users. The duty to protect the personal data is not time-limited even if the person stopped working for the company.

Registered users can stop using the website at any time and request to cancel their registration which can be done with a written declaration. Before the cancellation request, the user has to settle any remaining obligations to the company. The company will still protect the personal data and user confidentiality of the user based on the privacy policy, even in the event of registration cancellation.

Child protection

Advertising messages will be clearly visible (based on the age) and clearly separated from games and competitions. Any communication intended for children will be suitable for their age and won't take advantage of children's trust or the lack of their experience and the sense of loyalty. The provider can't accept orders from individuals, who are thought to be minor children without a prior parental or guardian consent.

Without a clear parental or guardian consent, the provider can't accept and store any personal information of a child. The provider also can't forward the children's data to any third parties. The provider can't offer a free access to products and services that can be harmful to children.

The right to information and deletion

You have the right to seek information about your personal data we use, as well as the right to request a deletion of such data. If you have any questions about deleting, processing or using your personal data, please contact: moje.pravice@gizzmo.si or send us a mail request.

Notifications about the order status: We reserve the right to notify you using your phone number that was entered upon placing your order to inform you when your order has shipped. If you don't accept the order we reserve the right to make a call on the said phone number to remind you to accept the order...

Notifications: After signing up for the notifications, your name, phone number and email address will be used for promotional purposes with your permission - until you unsubscribe from the newsletter. You will only sign up for the newsletter if you tick a field that allows you to subscribe upon making an order.

You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter by sending an email to info@gizzmo.hr or by clicking the link »Unsubscribe here« which can be found at the bottom of promotional emails.

To unsubscribe from promotional text messages reply to a message by entering the keywords „Unsubscribe.“ Your number will then be removed from our database.

Every individual whose data we store, save ad process has he following rights:
● The right to deletion – if the individual doesn't want the company to precess his data anymore and the storing os such data doesn't have any legally binding reasons, the individual can request their deletion.
● The right to know how long the data is stored for
● The right to request an edit, deletion or to file an appeal
● The right to transfer- the individual can request to see the personal data stored about him – in a structured, widely used and readable manner.
● The right to legal remedies and sanctions – The individual has the right to file a complaint to the supervisory body, as well as the right to appeal against the decision of the supervisory body. He also has the right to compensation in the event of unresponsiveness of the said body.
● The right not to be subjected to the measures that are based purely on The right to withdraw consent – An individual can withdraw the personal data processing consent