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Optishield®LUX edge to edge glass with full surface adhesive UV installation

Avoid sky high screen repair costs that can reach €300 and more!

  • Optishield® LUX 3D glass screen protector is the newest curved glass on the market that completely protects curved screens from edge to edge.
  • 100% bubble-free installation using liquid dispersion technology with UV curing enables excellent durability and protects against cracks, scratches and dirt.
  • Limited availability exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series!
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Optishield®LUX - Edge-to-edge coverage and complete protection

Within only 2 months of its release, the high-quality Optishield® LUX glass became a hit throughout Europe, even being recommended by larger mobile phone carriers and service centres.

  • The special edge-to-edge placement that is in the process of being patented ensures exceptional adherence and protection.
  • Without covering just half the screen or creating a rainbow effect that detracts from the phone’s design.
  • It is exceptionally resistant to breaking even if your phone is dropped.
  • The right choice for anyone who wants a discrete but reliable and attractive way to protect the phone’s most expensive feature, its screen.

With a minimal investment you can save €300 and more in screen repair costs.

Covered by Optishield Care® - 44-day Satisfaction warranty
Free of charge refunds or replacements available - Read more

The secret is in the special way it is attached using an UV-sensitive glue

Completely different from other curved glass screen protectors that use the standard attachment method that leads to the peeling after only a couple days of use.

High-quality Japanese curved glass

Japanese ASAHI material and incredibly precisely manufactured that ensures 100% fit.

Edge-to-edge coverage

The edge-to-edge coverage means that the phone retains it’s original appearance and prevents any rainbow effect on the edges.

100% transparency and resistance to fingerprints

The oleophobic coating on the glass significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints, while the screen is 100% transparent with no dotted matrix!

Exceptional hardness level 9H can withstand even hard shocks

Optishield LUX provides high-quality protection even along the edges of the glass where phones are most vulnerable.

Average customer rating for Optishield® LUX is 4.7 / 5

Levi S.
This is my second time ordering the lux glass product (first time was for the note 8). I was initially worried how involved the process would be. It's actually quite simple and the end result has been perfect both times. I couldn't ask for a better fit and it's flawless. I also like how well it works with cases. I'm a big fan of the spigen cases and they work great together.

It is important that you take your time and watch the instructions several times. Do it slowly and by instruction steps, once it's installed, it is invisible except for the top and bottom edges where the protector ends. The sides align perfectly with the case. You have to look closely to see the top and bottom edges, most people I show my phone to are surprised when I tell them it has a screen protector on it. The clarity, feel and sensitivity is the same as a naked screen
Anni K.
I would like to start this review by saying if you do not place your phone on a level surface this installation will be very bad. That being said this is the greatest screen protector ever made. I have had this screen protector for about a month now and it shows no signs of wear and tear, in fact I have dropped it a couple of times and nothing, no scratches, no cracks, absolutely perfectly intact. I have gone through so many screen protectors for the Galaxy S8 and they have all been horrible. Also the customer-service is absolutely fantastic.
No bubbles at all, no lint specs.....and the screen is slick as if there wasnt anything on there at all. It is very difficult to find a screen protector with the new curved displays that is case friendly and I have tried multiple cases and this works flawlessly with them all!!!
Mia K.
I was in need of a screen protector after I purchased my new Galaxy. Yes, it is a bit expensive, but this tempered glass protector is GORGEOUS! I can tell it is a high-quality material. After installation, the screen looks crystal vivid clear and touch functions work perfect. I like the fact that it’s a full 3D curved that fits perfect to my phone. Make sure you read the directions carefully and watch the install video before you started. The price and the effort of installation, it’s worth it so far.
Noah S.
I'd say this is a must-have to prevent screen damage on Galaxy phones with a curved screen, since otherwise they're so prone to microscratching around the curved edge.
After struggling with rubbery screen protectors for my S7 Edge and S8 I came across this. I might have taken prep a little far pulling out my Stabila digital level and got everything within. 01 degrees. After leveling out my stand everything went easy except the usual battle with dust. The only issue I came across were vertical edges. I ran my thumb with a fair amount of pressure to squeeze and rub out any excess glue. A little dressing up with a toothpick it turned out just about perfect. The glass itself is great no touch issues. Be patient, level, clean and clean. I just hope they sell the glue and glass separately.
Robert P.
I spent money on several other screen protectors prior to deciding to try the Lux Glass. Other screens lift, or get dust stuck to the edges, or have glare or rainbow effect, or sensitivity issues. The Lux Glass is perfect. It looks and feels like the phone screen itself. There are no glare or sensitivity issues. Nothing sticks to the edges. The Dome Glass installation kit is very well thought out and gives you a perfect installation. I recommend watching the video prior to installation of your screen. It is a bit more complicated than some other screen installations, but works perfectly; looks and feels like nothing is there, and stays glued down.
Tyler M.
This is quite simply the best glass screen protector I have ever installed. With curved glass phones like my new S9 Plus I was worried I would have to settle for a cheap plastic screen protector that only really protects against minor scratches. All the true ballistic glass ones I had read about for curved glass phones seemed to suck. Poor adhesion and an impact on the touch sensitivity. Not with this one!
Katie M.
Great product and as a bonus for those ladies that like to do your ownnails, you can use the uv light to set your nail polish as well......;)
Rachel B.
Really a fantastic screen protector kit. I've always had a ton of troublewith Samsung's curved edge. While other glass screen protectors were prone tofalling off (as they only had a ring of adhesive around the outer edge of theprotector), the Whitestone's approach of using UV-curing glue to bond the glassto the screen is a game changer. The screen itself is crystal clear, in no wayimpacting image quality, and the glass appears to be just as smudge resistantas the OEM glass screen.
Touch response is perfect as well........I will always buy this brand from now on whenever I buy a new phone. I have already told many people about this screen protector and I know that because of that at least 10 people have thanked me for the suggestion and love theirs as well.
Martha H.
By far the absolute best screen protector i have ever used!!! It was slightly crazy with all the steps, but not difficult if you just watch a video and then rehearse your process once before doing it you will have no issue at all.
John N.
I've gone through a ton of GS8 screen protectors because the curved glass sides make protecting this phone extra difficult. Plastic covers don't have a nice feeling to them, and most GS8 glass protectors have an air gap. This glass with the UV adhesive is wonderful. Full glass coverage including the difficult curved sides. Make sure you read the instructions and give yourself plenty if time to install the screen otherwise it won't go on nicely.
I had Dome glass before and was also satisfied, but this is a very similar product for a cheaper price.
David H.
Couldn't be happier! Screen looks crystal clear and fits perfect with uag plasma case on s8. Touch sensitivity is excellent. Make sure to be very meticulous about getting dust off prior to installation. Also use your level on phone or level app. Open bottom cap slowly and gently. If last two steps are ignored some glue could run off causing incomplete adhesion. Would definitely recommend for s8.
Peter m.
Wow should've bought this when I first got the phone. The install was kinda complicated but after watching like 10 videos about the installation on youtube, I decided to try this on my own. The installation went perfect without any bubble or dust. Super happy with the result. 10/10 would recommend.
Jurgen M.
The good : This is the best full adhesive screen protector out there. After spending 15 20 dollars on other full adhesive I should have bought this in the first place. Just perfection.

The bad: Just want the glass on the bottom to be a little shorter because it doesnt fit my otterbox case. Luckily I have other cases.
Dominic B.
You must take your time with this and I recommend watching the installation video a few times until you understand every little thing you have to do. You must make sure the fluid is dead center in the screen or you will have an issue like I did. The protector went on but unfortunately I now have micro bubbles in the upper part of my screen but that was an error on my part because I got impatient and did not wait till the fluid was where it was supposed to be. The protector itself has very good clarity and no rainbow effects or dot matrix like others have. Once it sticks, it sticks. It will not come off unless you use force and possibly crack the protector. Even though I have this minor problem with micro bubbles caused by my error I do recommend this protector. Just make sure you understand the process fully.

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Frequently asked questions about the product and installation

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